Monday, November 5, 2012

Putting Your Bird Cage In The Right Place

The outside world matters just as much as the inside world of the bird’s cage. It is difficult to find the right spot for your bird cage. But we are going to help you to find it. The bird will be healthy and it will have a nice life. So here are some pieces of advice forputting the bird’s cage in the right place in your home:

1) The first thing that you should do is to place the bird cage on the level of the eyes. If you put the bird cage to low, the bird will get scared and disturbed. And if you place the cage higher, the bird may feel secluded. The perfect level for your bird cage is the level around the chest. So make sure you choose it for your cage.

2) The second thing that you should do is to put the cage somewhere that the bird can see you and the members of your family. The most of the birds like to take heed of them, otherwise they will feel lonely and bored. On the other hand, if you put your bird cage where the noise is too much, the bird will be disturbed. Consequently, it may cause an effect on the health of the bird. So you should choose the right room for your bird.

3) Another piece of advice that we can give you is to place your bird cage in a corner. The two walls will help the bird to feel more protected. It is important to place one side of their cage next to a wall.Otherwise the bird will feel in danger. Also you should not place your bird cage near-bya window. The noise outside can stress your bird and furthermore there are other factors that can influence overyour bird. For example, cats, dogs, cars and etc.
Alsothe temperature is a factor and it is very important for your bird. If you want the bird to be healthy, make sure the temperature is good for the bird.For this reason a little view of a window is good for your bird.

4) The temperature is another important thing. Make sure you haven not placed the bird cage near-byan air conditioner. Because the heat or the cold from the air conditioner influence over your bird. This leads to problems with the health of the bird.

5) Another piece of advice that we can give youis that you should not place your bird cage in the kitchen or the bathroom. The steam from your cooker can be very toxic for your bird and also in the kitchen can become very hot for the bird. Forthat reasons you should not put your bird there. And if you place your bird cage in the bathroom, the toxic chemicals from your hairspray or your perfume can influence overthe health of the bird.The chemicals may poison the bird. So make sure you don not place your bird cage in the kitchen or the bathroom. And also make sure you do not use perfume or hairspray nearby the bird.

6) The last advice that is also very important for the bird is to have more plants near-by the bird cage. The bird will feel like it is in his or her home. It will be more comfortable for the bird. Another very important thing is that there should not be any smokers in the roomwhere the bird is. The toxic fumes influence over the health of the bird. It is better to place some plants likeleander, azalea, poinsettia, andphilodendron near the bird cage. The plants will make the air fresher.

Those were our pieces of advice forputting your bird cage in the right place. And if you follow them your bird will be very healthy and it will make himself/herself at home. I hope we were helpful.

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