Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 Steps to Build a Nest Box for Cockatiels

There is a variety of choices and options for cockatiel’s nest boxes. You can buy a box ready to use or designed one by your own , made of plastic, cardboard or wood. Nest boxes made of cardboard are inexpensive and you do not have to clean them up or store them. You just can throw the nest box after the babies emerge.
Step OneReuse cardboard box from the local shop. Cockatiels niche in almost anything, so make sure that the nest box has a plenty of space so that the male and female sits inside at the same time.
Step Two
Attach tape to all wings closed with duct tape to ensure the cockatiels did not escape.
Step Three
Consider the way of attaching the nest box to the cage and then clip off a 3-inch hole in the cardboard for entering the cockatiel into the nest box. The clipped off small cardboard pieces should be removed completely.
Step FourCut a small hole on the top or the side of the nest box so you can take a look inside to check your cockatiels without bothering them. Then carefully cut the cardboard on three sides and fold cardboard along the fourth side to make a door from the hole. Attach a piece of band led to the cardboard to make a label traction for the opening and closing easy.
Step Five
Find appropriate spots of the nest box for cutting holes in order to make it to be easily attached to the bird cage. Depends on your bird cage size, the nest box could be places inside or outside the bird cage.
Step SixFor making the nest box a comfortable and nice place for the babies when they emerge, put approximately 3 inches of material that is an appropriate for nesting, for instance shredded paper, wood shavings or hay.
Step Seven
The last step is the attaching of the nest box to the bird cage by zip ties. Make sure the nest box is blocked and safe so that will not fall down with the cockatiels entering and leaving.
Tips & Warnings
A good nest boxes could be faced up in small appliance boxes or wine boxes.
If you want to make the bottom of the cardboard strengthened, place a duct tape along the whole bottom. Because cockatiels tend to chew the cardboard you don’t have to panic. That problem can be easily solved by replacing the cardboard and the duct tape.

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